£75 Million Development Proposal Aims to Transform Elderly Care
05 Nov 2021

A proposal for a major new residential home development and community centre next to Hencote Vineyard aims to 'transform' elderly accommodation in Shropshire, offering an alternative to traditional residential and nursing care - outline plans will be on show at a public consultation event on November 10 at the Lion Hotel, Shrewsbury at 12.30pm. 

Plans have been announced for a £75 million ‘Continuing Care Community’ in Shrewsbury to accommodate up to 250 elderly people, with the potential to create 155 new jobs.
The development, on a 17-acre site next to Hencote Vineyard along the Ellesmere Road, would include 182 apartments and bungalows, a nursing home with a specialist dementia unit, a multi-facility community centre and specialised care.
Hencote owner Andy Stevens has established the new development company Senescura Ltd to pursue his vision for an elderly care community which, he says, would offer a genuine choice to traditional residential and nursing care, allowing residents the best quality of life for the longest time possible. 

Andy explains: "There is widespread agreement that there is a significant shortfall in care provision for over-65s across the county and our plans will give Shrewsbury a purpose-built, modern solution of which it can be truly proud. At the moment if you are an elderly owner-occupier in Shropshire there is a limited choice if you are considering moving into accommodation which offers care provision.

"The Hencote Continuing Care Community will dramatically widen that choice – offering high-quality, independent living in a superb location, with graduated care on hand to guarantee that all residents get the support they need at every stage of their life. It represents a unique development in Shropshire. Though similar schemes have been hugely successful elsewhere in England this is one that will specifically help take some of the pressure off our really hard-pressed public sector care providers and Shropshire Council.”
Stevens says it represents significant inward investment into the county, with long term and extensive benefits to the local community in terms of the local jobs market and local suppliers, adding: "Experience shows that the great majority of the staff will be recruited locally, where we will seek to use local firms and contractors throughout the development of the site. This will be a beacon of excellence which will place Shrewsbury on the national map for the quality of its social care provision at a time when we are desperately short of solutions to our care crisis.”
The community will be run by LifeCare Residences, an award winning specialist, and restricted to people over the age of 65.
Paul Harries, executive chairman of LifeCare Residences Ltd, said: "We were approached by Senescura who recognise the acute and growing needs of the elderly Shropshire population. They are committed to providing the highest standards of care and age-appropriate accommodation in the county. We have had over 40 years of experience in doing that, providing high quality care services to the elderly both here in England and in our native New Zealand. We have been looking to grow our business beyond London and the home counties, where Shropshire’s needs combined with Senescura’s vision was very compelling.”
Plans for the scheme will be available on show at a public consultation event at the Lion Hotel, Shrewsbury on the 10th November at 12:30. Andy Stevens has encouraged public opinion surrounding the community and wants to welcome as many people as possible to the event where they will be available to discuss the scheme in detail.
“We think this scheme represents a real step forward for age-appropriate accommodation and social care provision in Shrewsbury, but we also genuinely want to hear from people in the town as to what they think of our plans," he adds.