by Maya Falah
Shrewsbury is ‘the soul of artistry’ says Mike Perkins, a world-famous comic book artist who has moved back to the town after 20 years working in the USA.
by Lucy Chandler
We caught up with Chérie Jerrard, the brains behind DRAWN The Illustrators Fair, to find out about her life in art and dancing - she's had an amazing career!
Cosmo Mulford
30 Apr 2021
by Katy Rink
Cosmo Mulford is our magnificent cover artist for My Shrewsbury's May issue - his very detailed work is inspired by Japanese culture and graphic novels
Katherine Morris
29 Apr 2021
by Tom Sykes
The Jan/Feb 2021 cover design is the vision of printmaker and wallpaper designer Katherine Morris. She spoke to Tom Sykes about her inspiration for her art.
by Katy Rink
An interview with James St Clair Wade, the artist and architect behind The Shrewsbury Streetscape Project, documenting our town in very finely executed drawings