by Cathy Block
A Shropshire vineyard has made history after winning a second gold medal for red wine, a blend of Pinot Noir, Précoce and Rondo grapes at a wine competition.
by Katy Rink
Over a Century of Cycling will be celebrated with a display of bicycles from Victorian times to the present day at Abbey Station on Sunday, July 4th 2021
We caught up with Chérie Jerrard, the brains behind DRAWN The Illustrators Fair, to find out about her life in art and dancing - she's had an amazing career!
by Cathy Block
Arts Alive are celebrating a flourishing relationship with The Fetch Theatre Company after having commissioned a raft of outdoor performances for 2021.
by Cathy Block
An innovative way for people to support the homeless in Shrewsbury has got off to a good start - and it is already being expanded throughout the town.