Cosmo Mulford
30 Apr 2021
by Katy Rink
Cosmo Mulford is our magnificent cover artist for My Shrewsbury's May issue - his very detailed work is inspired by Japanese culture and graphic novels
by Katy Rink
A stunning array of animal-themed flags are brightening Shrewsbury's High Street and welcoming visitors and it's all part of the Great Big Art Exhibition.
Katherine Morris
29 Apr 2021
by Tom Sykes
The Jan/Feb 2021 cover design is the vision of printmaker and wallpaper designer Katherine Morris. She spoke to Tom Sykes about her inspiration for her art.
Welcome to the Scene!
29 Apr 2021
by Charli Canfer
Shrewsbury is well known for great coffee and there are some brilliant new additions to its thriving indie cafe scene that have opened during lockdown
by Katy Rink
'Winston Churchill' drops in to Shrewsbury Town Square in a beautiful old white Jag to help promote the rebranding of Shropshire Mental Health Support