A Big Thank You From Shrewsbury Food Hub
11 Jan 2024

Shrewsbury Food Hub wants to thank everyone who helped it get 18 tonnes of surplus festive food put to good use, including all those who came to Foodshares!

An amazing team of Shrewsbury Food Hub volunteers worked right through Christmas, including a double shift on Christmas Eve, and collected around 1,900 trays of fruit and vegetables from local supermarkets.

Their efforts saw 18 tonnes of surplus festive food put to good use that might otherwise have been wasted. 

The Hub’s community partners which run Foodshares did a grand job too. Come rain or shine (mostly rain!), their volunteers were ready and waiting to share the food with their local communities.

Alison Thomas of Shrewsbury Food Hub, said: "The Hub is super grateful to The Rural Charity for the loan of its Luton van which doubles the amount of food it can collect and store. We would like to give a big shout out to Ian and the team at @DMOShowground for helping – even as the Showground was disappearing under the first flood of 2024!"

As well as fruit, vegetables and bread, the Hub also collects loads of chilled and frozen food at this time of the year.

"Knowing how much surplus there is at Christmas, Will from RAC Refrigeration got in touch to ask if the charity could use a freezer trailer over the holidays," Ali added. "Could it ever! Having the trailer meant the Hub could log, label, and freeze a shed (or trailer) load of chilled food on Christmas Eve ready to go out to its community freezer network between Christmas and New Year.

"Finally, the Hub would like to thank its supermarket partners. At their busiest time, they still made sure to separate food worth saving so that valuable food got eaten instead of wasted.

"It is amazing what can be achieved when everyone works together!"

You’d think the Hub would be taking a break after such a hectic festive time, but no! It is full steam ahead into 2024 with business-as-usual working seven days a week with 40 suppliers, 130 volunteers, and 60 community groups – saving food, saving carbon, saving money, and supporting community!

If you would like to support Shrewsbury Food Hub – by donating food, time or money, please get in touch. Visit

Volunteers in action at Shrewsbury Food Hub
A team at the supermarket seeing food transferred to the Hub