A Quarter of a Century Innings for our Town Clerk
01 Apr 2022

The Civic Team pictured in The Quarry in 2014 - with Shrewsbury Town Clerk Helen Ball second from left.

Congratulations to our wonderful Town Clerk Helen Ball on half a century in the job! Today, she celebrates 25 years of service in the role. She writes...

Today is my 25th Anniversary of being a Parish Council Clerk. Let this be a lesson to you all. Never start a job on April Fools Day.

In 1997 I started work as Clerk to Newbald Parish Council - 25 hours a month - "Just taking notes of the meeting, spot of book keeping and a few letters", they said. Within the first month, I was making an application to exhume a body in the cemetery!

I've worked with 26 different chairmen over the years. You'll have to wait for my kiss 'n' tell novel about their antics .
Any Clerk will tell you it's not an easy job. I've been the subject of some awful treatment from councillors in the past, but it never stopped my resolve from doing what is right and honourable and fair for the village/town I've worked for. I still love my job even though there are days when I hate it.

So celebration cakes at work today. And to all my Clerk friends have an awesome day. Start of a new financial year. Here's hoping your balance sheet balances.

Town Clerk Helen Ball in a Red Arrow

Helen Ball with Rob Plimmer and Carol Pullen on a visit to RAF Shawbury in February 2013