Addressing the Elephant in the Room
15 Jul 2021
by Cathy Block

Schools spend millions nationally on yearly school trips, and whilst this money is valuable to the destination, parents are not always able to easily afford it. Especially now, emerging from the pandemic many young households are finding costs rising and wrestle with the dilemma over affording luxuries.

The British Ironwork Centre believes more destinations could help support schools by reviewing their costs, in order to help in what are difficult times. They would also like there to be a national schools accreditation for all venues, requiring venues to fulfil a minimum standard of hospitality and educational benefit for children.

The British Ironwork Centre is relaunching their school trip programme, whereby all schools and children activity groups are invited to benefit from the educational services and activities on site, including the latest Extinction Trail, completely free of charge.

Groups can learn about wildlife, conservation issues and recycling through the form of metal art. Tied to subjects found within the National Curriculum, each metal exhibition on display brings classroom theories to life. Completely self-led, these activities are for any ages and academic levels, giving the opportunity to learn about the dangers of human involvement in wildlife habitats, global warming and the effect on endangered animals.

For more information visit the British Ironwork Centre website for details or call to book your free visit.