Aerial Pictures of Shrewsbury Floods
22 Feb 2022

These spectacular aerial pictures show the extent of the flooding in and around Shrewsbury today.

The flood waters have all but marooned the town centre, with only Kingsland Bridge open to traffic. 

Businesses and homeowners are yet again facing major clean-ups, just two years after the River Severn reached similar levels. The waters peaked at 5.15m at Welsh Bridge on Tuesday morning. The record is 5.25m (Nov 2000).

The Quarry in Flood Shropshire Council has opened a flood reception centre at the end Salvation Army, Salters Lane, Coleham.

The Darwin and Riverside shopping centres are currently closed (Tues eve) with a decision to be taken tomorrow morning on whether these will open for business on Wednesday. Shrewsbury bus station remains closed.

Shrewsbury in flood Feb 22

The waters are falling (4.99m Tues 9pm) but the damage has been done.

Shrewsbury Floods from above

Rodney's pillar and floods
Rodneys pillar over looking the floods
Shrewsbury in flood