Archive Shrewsbury - Celebrity Pictures for Sale
05 Dec 2022

A host of images from a leading celebrity photo agency archive have gone on sale in Shrewsbury - thanks to a unique new business in The Parade.  

Behind the scenes images of iconic stars through the ages from a world-famous celebrity photo agency have gone on sale in Shrewsbury. 

‘Archive Shrewsbury’ which opens at The Parade Shops this month, will allow people to buy original and unseen photographs of a whole host of famous stars, including the likes of Abba, George Michael, Rod Stewart and James Bond actor Sir Roger Moore.

Archive Shrewsbury image

The black and white pictures are from the original analogue archives of the former media photograph agency London Features International Ltd, which once had large scale operations in New York and London, with paparazzi primed to capture the celebrities in action. 

The agency was established in 1969 and was a serious contender in the arena of celebrity photography. 

Its analogue archives included some 250,000 historic images of some of the most famous musicians, bands and celebrities of all time, some of which have never before made it into the public domain. All the big names of the entertainment industry of yesteryear are there - from Meatloaf to Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Dudley Moore, Sir John Gielgud and many more. 

Roger Moore Archive Shrewsbury

The library would have formed the basis of all available media images of the biggest stars of the time. Many will have never been seen before, since photographers took many more images than actually made it into the press - they include candid, relaxed images of the stars hanging out at press junkets, gigs and premieres. 

Each photo comes with the original annotations from the now defunct photo agency’s files. The back of a photo will often state the date, location and event - such as ‘Kate Bush arrives at the British Music Awards with Midge Ure’.

The archive was acquired in 2015 by Shropshire businessman, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Jim Cockburn, who made millions helping to transform the foster care system and went on to found the Martin James Network, supporting start-up companies that share his benevolent ethos and ‘human centred’ practices. Archive Shrewsbury entered into a partnership with Jim to put the collection up for sale - and now, it is offering the unique opportunity for purchasers to own a little bit of entertainment industry glamour! 

The originals will be sold (without copies) so purchasers have the chance to obtain an exclusive piece of history. Images are priced from £20 up to £700 for an original framed image of The Beatles.

Rod Stewart Archive Shrewsbury
George Michael Archive Shrewsbury

Jo Birch, of Archive Shrewsbury, said: “There’s nothing to match the ‘tangible thrill’ of holding an original photograph of your favourite artist or musician from the archives of a bygone era. 

“This is an exciting opportunity to own an original photograph from a pre-digital age. We are so excited that the private collector has made these photographs available for sale. 

“It really is like holding a piece of history. In its day, LFI would have been one of the only sources of celebrity images of the time. Now, with the advent of the mobile phone, a digital image can be sent around the world instantly. 

“There’s something very nostalgic - romantic, even - about a photograph that would have been captured and disseminated in a very different way. For music fans, nostalgia buffs, or those looking for an eclectic gift for a loved one, this is a chance to own a really special photograph.” 

  • Archive Shrewsbury is open at The Parade Shops, Shrewsbury from Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 3pm.