Artists at Bear Steps: Vanessa Bentick and Steve White
29 Aug 2023

There's still time to catch the beautiful artwork dedicated to the natural world at Bear Steps Art Gallery in St Alkmonds Place - with exhibitions by Shropshire artists Vanessa Bentick and Steve White until Sept 1st. Pictured above is 'Tide' by Vanessa Bentick. 

Vanessa Bentick

Vanessa is a full-time professional artist based in Harrow, London. Born in Shrewsbury and having attended the High School as a teenager, she is thrilled to be back in Shrewsbury exhibiting her new collection of work. She has previously exhibited at the Brick Lane Gallery and the Art Barn, Old Rectory in Warwickshire.  

Vanessa’s painting is rooted in traditional representation, but she also enjoys experimenting with the possibilities of paint and the tools that she uses. In her practice she depicts a range of subjects but she is particularly drawn to creating landscapes of places of meaning to her.

Dawn by Vanessa Bentick

'Dawn' by Vanessa Bentick

Whether applying layers of thick oil paint to the canvas with a palette knife, or gentle sweeping skies, she strives to represent the vigorous and lively ‘spirit’ of a landscape. In this collection she has focused on exploring light and skies throughout the seasons. 

In her career she has trained at London Fine Art Studios and Leith School of Art, and most recently at The Institute of Education, UCL where she gained her PGCE to become a Teacher of Art in 2017. Over the years her students have inspired her to challenge herself to experiment and explore within her own practice, which she will always keep at the core of her work.  

Pictured below is 'Broadhaven' by Vanessa Bentick. Find more of her work at


Steve White

A former surgeon, Steve lives in Meole Brace, Shrewsbury, and works in his studio at home and wherever he travels. Steve started painting at the age of 12 in Warwickshire where he grew up. Since then, he has taken part in exhibitions in Nottingham, Oxford, London and here in Shropshire where he has lived for the last 30 years. Although his main career has been medical, he always found time to paint and draw. Having retired from surgery, he can now devote most of his time to art. We all felt restricted by lockdowns and this forced us to look more closely at our immediate surroundings. For Steve, this acted as a stimulus to capture changing light and the effect of wind on trees both in the garden and on favourite walks. It is perhaps not surprising that while this led to some more detailed intimate drawings of plants, it also led to some paintings which appear more abstract as they capture the ever changing filtering and reflection of light. We see this in the River Severn paintings and the movement of foliage of trees such as in Colstey Wood and Attingham Park. Variety in media is demonstrated in this exhibition which includes works in oil, acrylic, watercolour and ink, together with some etchings and lithographs. We hope you will find interest in the celebration of places both near and far, and share his fascination and enjoyment of line, shape, colour, and texture of the natural world that surrounds us. 

Steve's paintings below: 'Foxgloves', 'Day Lilies' and 'Colstey Wood' - find out more about him at

Foxgloves by Steve White

painting of a wood by Steve White
Day lillies by Steve White