Birdwatcher, author and broadcaster David Lindo visits Shrewsbury with an important message
23 Nov 2021
by Cathy Block

Photo Credit: CJ Wildlife

Bird expert and author David Lindo, otherwise known as The Urban Birder, visited Shrewsbury last Friday amid filming with Shropshire based wildlife food manufacturer and distributor, CJ Wildlife. 

Seen filming at Attingham Park, 200 acres of parkland cared for by the National Trust, and the Shropshire Wildlife Trust Visitor Centre, David is working with CJ Wildlife to educate the masses on the importance of keeping an eye on your garden birds, why good hygiene of your bird feeders is vital to prevent the spread of diseases amongst local wildlife, and why feeding them this time of the year is crucial to ensure the survival of many declining native species.  

David Lindo, the Urban Birder, said: “This time of the year can be make or break for many birds survival. With the colder weather coming in, food is more sparce and shelter is harder to come by. So it’s really important we all do our bit to offer food and shelter to wildlife during the winter months, and all year round. Whether you put up a bird feeder or a nest box, these little actions can make a big difference to wildlife during the harshest of months ahead.”

“I’ve been working with CJ Wildlife for a number of years now, and today, they’ve brought me to the heart of Shrewsbury town to film important tips and awareness pieces around protecting local wildlife and how you can get involved. We’re both very much trying to spread the word that supporting local wildlife in anyway you can is vital to ensure our eco-system can continue to thrive for years to come”.