Bricks Return!
13 Sep 2021
by Anna Williams

Brick by Brick International LEGO® Brick Art Exhibition opens this Saturday at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery. Picture credit: David Turner/@belfastarts  

A host of exciting projects are lined up at Shrewsbury’s Museum and Art Gallery over the next few months – and with free entry for all – it’s definitely worth taking a look this Autumn.

LEGO® lovers are in for a treat when the Brick by Brick – International LEGO® Brick Art exhibition opens on Saturday.

The new exhibition will feature the work of 18 artists, designers and photographers from the around the world, it shows how the simple plastic block can be used to create stunning, thought-provoking art. Designed to appeal to art enthusiasts, and LEGO® fans alike, the work will be on display until Saturday, November 13.

The LEGO® Brick History exhibition proved super popular at the museum back in 2017 and this new collection of brick artworks by internationally renowned brick builders & artists looks set to draw in the crowds once again. 

On display will be quirky installations such as 'Lego Popcorn' by Little Big Art, plus captivating builds by Toronto based artist Ekow Nimako who uses black bricks exclusively to reference mythology, West African proverbs and Afrofuturism. Artist David Turner has built 19 multicoloured replica guns for his firearms installation and 'The Little Artists' John Cake and Darren Neave have captured well-known contemporary artists using LEGO® - including Damien Hirst and Jake & Dinos Chapman.

Then there's 'Not on the High Street Anymore' by Janet Curley Cannon, who used her husband's childhood bricks to make reference to the demise of the UK's high streets - and 'Eat My Bricks' by German artists Michael Feindura and Soren Grochau. 

Inspired by the wide range of artworks on show, a LEGO® graffiti wall and build tables will give visitors big and small the chance to create their own construction brick artwork.

Brick by Brick is a 20-21 Visual Arts Centre Touring Exhibition - the International Lego brick art will be at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery from September 18 to November 13, open 10am to 4pm. 

*FREE entry for all, timed tickets bookable in advance visit Shrewsbury Museum

Flower Girl by Ekow Nimako

Ekow Nimako's stunning 'Flower Girl' which disassembles into seven individual pieces - his artworks are shaped by Black mythological narratives

Also attracting the crowds this autumn is the magnificent Bronze Age sun pendant discovered in the Shropshire Marches in 2018. The Spotlight Loan Exhibition 'Gathering Light' will be at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery until December 12, open 10am to 4pm.

The 3,000 year old gold pendant, also known as gold bulla, discovered in a Shropshire field by a metal detectorist, has gone on display as part of a new partnership with the British Museum.

There was big news at the museum last week with the announcement of a longer term collaboration with the British Museum, which will see the creation of the British Museum partnership gallery at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery.

The new gallery is expected to be open by 2024 and will feature national examples of Bronze Age life including more than 1,000 objects currently in storage in the county. 

Brick by Brick exhibition