Can You Help with the Flood Clear-Up?
03 Mar 2022

Help needed for flooding clean-up day at West Mid Showground

A call has gone out for volunteers to help with the clean-up following the latest flooding to hit the West Mid Showground in Shrewsbury.

The Shropshire and West Midlands Agricultural Society, the charity which oversees the showground, is now looking for specific types of tradesmen and anyone able to donate items to help with the operation.

Ian Bebbington, the society’s chief executive, said the Community Clean-up Day will take place on Saturday, March 5, from 10.30am and that despite the short notice he hoped people would be able to turn up and lend a hand.

 “It’s important to get things moving quickly and we get back to normal as soon as possible so we can get on with the organisation of the many events we have planned for the coming year,” he said.

“We are in need of some specific help in the form of fencing experts who can repair our main arena fence, a glazier to repair uPVC windows and fittings, a carpenter to repair some internal doors and a window cleaner.

“We are also looking for a willing band of people with mops and buckets to help with the clear-up and some strong volunteers to help with clearing the site of flood debris. 

“Depending on how the internal areas have been affected, we may well be asking our volunteers to help us whitewash the walls as well.

“In addition to the manual help, we are also hoping traders could support us by donating the following items which we desperately need to get us back on our feet: Bags of postcrete, 50 if possible, five electric shower units, five hand-dryer units, six over-sink hot water units, 10 tubs of white emulsion paint, two tins of white gloss paint and 10 tins of grey or blue floor paint.

“I appreciate it’s all a bit last-minute but we really need to crack on and get us operational again as quickly as possible.

“We are planning the general clean-up to take place between 10.30am and 12.30pm on Saturday, as we don’t want to take up too much of people’s time, but if anyone can help at any other times, and indeed on any other days of the week, just let us know.

“Unfortunately, flooding is one of the major perils we live with being so close to the River Severn and something which has hit us really hard over the years.

“The showground is a vital part of the Shrewsbury landscape and a venue which attracts many thousands of people every year but we really need help in this hour of need.

“Please give us a ring on (01743) 289831 if you are able to help, and we look forward to seeing you and any other volunteers at the showground.”