Canal Exhibition comes to Abbey Foregate
05 Sep 2023

There will be a Local Canals Exhibition at the Abbey Station in Shrewsbury on Saturday, 23rd September sharing the story of our inland waterways and heritage. Pictured: Wappenshall East Basin rewatered 2023. Credit: Bernie Jones.

The Inland Waterways Association (IWA) is set to host a local heritage extravaganza at Abbey Station this September.

Shrewsbury is within 20 miles of many canal towns and villages, including Ellesmere, Whitchurch, Market Drayton, Newport, Queens Head and Welshpool with access to the Llangollen, Shropshire Union, Montgomery and the un-restored Shrewsbury & Newport Canals. Most of these canals are in regular leisure use and, recently, more navigable miles have been added to the Montgomery while the east basin at Wappenshall on the Shrewsbury & Newport has been re-watered.

A canal boat at Norbury

The exhibition provides an opportunity to meet people who are currently enjoying these waterways and to discover how to get involved. It’s a great chance to find out about the many miles already in regular leisure use and what is being done to restore more. Shrewsbury residents may be surprised to learn that there was a canal in the town which had its terminus at The Buttermarket and ran alongside the recently restored Flax Mill, and the route continued through Uffington and Roddington to join the Newport Canal at Wappenshall Junction.

The Shrewsbury Canal then linked up with the national network on the Shropshire Union Canal at Norbury Junction. Visitors to the previous exhibition had the pleasure of seeing photographs of the restoration work underway at Berwick near Attingham which is all being undertaken by volunteers.

Warehouse in Ellesmere

Past exhibitions have been popular with local residents and visitors alike, all interested to see the restoration projects taking place and to learn more about the use of the navigable canals. The Inland Waterways Association local branch members will be discussing the association’s work on the waterways and talking about membership as well as its current campaign, Fund Britain’s Waterways. It’s also an opportunity to join one or more of the canal associations and/or become a volunteer in their activities.

There is free entry to Abbey Station which has been made available for the exhibition by Shrewsbury Railway Heritage Trust and will be open from 10.30 until 3.30pm. There is a large public car park next to the station. 

Abbey Station

IMAGES: Norbury Festival May 2023: Ellesmere Arm & Warehouse: Abbey Station 2019 exhibition:

  (pics by Alan Wilding)