David Bowie Memorabilia | Hall's Post-sale highlights
02 Aug 2021
by Cathy Block

Halls Fine Art is excited to announce its post-auction highlights from a unique pop memorabilia auction relating to David Bowie! The auction took place this July.

Up for sale was the entire single-owner collection of contemporary artist Edward Bell who worked with Bowie during the 80s and 90s having been commissioned to create the Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) and Tin Machine II artwork albums. 

The collection included original designs and concepts, photographs of Bowie and the band from their photoshoots as well as original paintings and sculptures that have never before been sold on the open market. The rarity of the collection was outstanding, for example, there were the original working designs for The Tin Machine II album cover which was signed and annotated by Bowie. Edward Bell has preserved his collection in perfect condition, there was even a packet of bubble-gum which was designed by Edward for the Scary Monsters release still sealed in its plastic wrapper after nearly 40 years! The gum sold for an amazing £70, which compared to the price of ordinary gum is astounding!

David Bowie’s appeal transcends the generations and he is just as relevant now after his death as he ever was, with a whole new generation of music lovers finding connection with his music. There was a lot of pre-sale interest in the collection and music fans and pop memorabilia collectors were keen to get their hands on these incredible unique pieces direct from the artist who created them. 

The whole collection is estimated to have raised a whopping £75,000!

To view the rest of the results, follow the link to Hall’s Website

Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) album cover design

Lot 2 was a Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) album cover design, that was signed in the bottom right-hand corner, and inscribed 'colour too intense’ and it was sold for £6,000.

Tin Machine Album Cover

Lot 26 was a Tin Machine Album Cover, an original mockup with traced signatures, and had an inscription by David Bowie that says 'Jolly good, a splendid effort keep it up' and it went for £4,200.

Scary Monsters Era Icon

Lot 54, a Scary Monsters Era Icon, from the David Bowie icon series was sold for £4,000.