Doodle Boy Launches 'Shadow Doodle' Trail Ahead of Solo Exhibition
07 Nov 2023

Shrewsbury's star doodler 'The Doodle Boy' has launched a new 'Shadow Doodle' trail across town ahead of his second solo exhibition at Soden Collection

An unique new public trail of artwork by The Doodle Boy has been launched in Shrewsbury in celebration of The Doodle Boy’s second solo exhibition at The Soden Collection. 

The new Doodle Trail is the result of a collaboration between The Soden Collection and The Shrewsbury Arts Trail, which aims to raise the profile of arts in the town. 

It’s a chance to explore the nooks and crannies of beautiful and historic Shrewsbury in search of hidden ‘Shadow Doodles’ - and provides a great distraction for kids from Christmas shopping in the run-up to the big day!

Joe Whale, 14, also known as the international celebrity ‘The Doodle Boy’ thanks to his captivating and whimsical doodle art, said he was delighted to be back in his hometown again, after a six month family adventure in Australia and is pleased to present his second ever solo exhibition at the Soden Collection on Wyle Cop in Shrewsbury this November 18th - 25th. He’ll also be doing a live, giant ‘Shadow Doodle’ in the gallery window this Saturday, November 11th at 1pm.

Joe at the Darwin200 Launch outside Shrewsbury Library

Joe Whale aka 'The Doodle Boy' completing his latest Live Doodle for Darwin200 at Shrewsbury Library

He has teamed up with the Shrewsbury Arts Trail to create an engaging experience for all ages. Fifteen of his intriguing ‘Shadow Doodles’ have been hidden in the shadows throughout the picturesque town. The challenge for participants is to seek out and discover these delightful hidden gems in the various locations.

"It’s great to see the Shadow Doodles around Shrewsbury. It was so much fun creating them, I really hope everyone who follows the trail enjoys them as much as I did when creating them,” he said.

Jonathan Soden, of the Soden Collection, said the trail is inspired by the French street artist ‘Invader’ who is known for scattering his ceramic tile mosaics, modelled on pixelated art of Space Invaders, all over Paris. Visitors to the French capital, young and old, now enjoy searching for them all over the city. 

“It has become an iconic thing for visitors and locals to go looking for them,” he added. “We hope the new "Shadow Doodles" will offer a playful and interactive way to engage with The Doodle Boy's art in a similar fashion and to explore Shrewsbury's rich cultural landscape.

“We have teamed up with independent shops and places of interest all over the town, and hope people will enjoy looking up, around and about and possibly even inside these unique venues to find the hidden pieces of art. 

“Although we’re letting people know the locations, finding some of the doodles may prove to me more challenging than expected!”

'Shadow Doodles' Locations

  • Pockets, The Square
  • The Museum & Art Gallery
  • Carvell on the Square
  • College Hill
  • The Market Hall
  • Roushill
  • Darwin's Shopping Centre
  • The Shrewsbury Library
  • The Shrewsbury Castle
  • Shrewsbury Arts & Crafts
  • No.4 Butchers Row
  • St Alkmunds Church
  • Acoustic Boutique, High St
  • The Soden Collection
  • Oberon, Wyle Cop

The Doodle Boy profile

Jess Richards of The Shrewsbury Arts Trail added: “The Doodle Trail promises to be an exciting adventure for individuals and families alike. It provides an opportunity to engage with art, explore Shrewsbury's vibrant community, and create lasting memories.

“Join us for "The Doodle Trail" and experience the magic of discovering "Shadow Doodles" hidden in Shrewsbury. This event is free for all to participate and is up and running now until January 2024. Don't miss this unique opportunity to engage with art, explore the town, and celebrate The Doodle Boy's incredible talent.”

Participants are encouraged to document their discoveries and share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #TheDoodleTrail. By doing so, they can connect with fellow art enthusiasts and be part of the larger creative community celebrating The Doodle Boy's artistry.

 'Shadow Doodles': The Exhibition

'Shadow Doodles' the Doodle Boy's second solo exhibition, is to be held at the Soden Collection, 80 Wyle Cop from November 18th - 25th. There is a private preview on Friday, November 17th - please contact the gallery if you would like to attend. 

For more information and updates about ‘The Doodle Trail’ please visit