Getting Tech in Proportion
10 Nov 2021

Student Minds partnership with tectimeout will provide support to students as technology continues to play increased role in university life

techtimeout has partnered with Student Minds, the UK’s student mental health charity, to champion student mental health and their relationship with technology. The partnership will enable Student Minds to access tailored programmes, tools and resources to help students have a healthier relationship with their technology.

Covid-19 has had a dramatic effect on education and the new 21/22 academic year is no different. Most universities continue to provide a mix of online and in-person learning which results in students spending more time than ever in front of computer screens and other devices.

Rosie Tressler, CEO at Student Minds said, “Technology plays a key part in students’ experience at university. We’re delighted to welcome techtimeout into our corporate partnership family and are excited to champion student mental health together so that all in higher education can thrive. Thank you to everyone at techtimeout for your support.”

Stephanie Henson, founder of techtimeout, said:

”Students typically use their tech devices to organise their social lives - to make new friends, to explore new cities and stay in contact with their friends and family back home but now they also need to use screens to access their lectures and complete assignments. This prolonged screen time does create problems which can have a negative effect on their mental health.

“We are delighted to support Student Minds and bring our expertise and programmes to students across the country. If further education providers can raise awareness of the potential impact of technology and put programmes in place to help students build better relationships with their technology then a lot of potential problems can be avoided.”

One initiative that is to be promoted to UK students by techtimeout is the techtimeout10 challenge. This challenge encourages individuals to enjoy some time away from screens, every day for 10 days. The challenge is designed to raise awareness of the dependency we have on technology and the benefits that can be had from truly disconnecting.

For more about techtimeout, visit or call 01743 627007.