Halima Cassell Sculpture on View at the V&A
24 Dec 2023

A magnificent new piece by Halima Cassell is now on view as part of the sculpture collection at the V&A. It's been quite the year for this Shropshire artist!

Shropshire sculptor Halima Cassell MBE says she is 'delighted' to see her magnificent ‘Bow Wave’ safely installed as part of the Sculpture Collection at the V&A, in gallery 21. 

It joins her piece ‘Trivalve’ which was acquired in 2008 for the Ceramic Collection. 

Halima book

She's also just published her new book 'Halima Cassell 25' which marks her twenty-five year period of carving into materials. It's a collection of essays by art critics, curators and colleagues, providing a revealing analysis of her work and practice. The essays are accompanied by over 900 colour photographs of her work, including maquettes, sketches, work in progress, exhibitions and work in situ. 

Find it on Halima’s website and throughout the country at many venues including the V&A, the Hepworth Wakefield Gallery and YSP, as well as the Soden Collection in Shrewsbury where both the book, her wall art pieces and a selection of her work can be seen and bought throughout the year.

In 2023 Halima has had two wonderful solo shows - at the Watts Gallery and Blackwell Arts & Crafts House - which was to follow on from the great success of the exhibition held there 10 years before. The exhibition was brought together from Halima’s work held in public, private and the artist’s own collection.

The research for these two solo exhibitions that she had this year directly inspired the design for two new limited edition wall art pieces, Venn and Eclipsis. 

At the beginning of 2023 Halima completed one of her largest singular ceramic pieces to date, ‘Vestige’ (96kg of clay to create the form), which was commissioned by Reading Museum and was inspired by the ruined remains of capitols from Reading Abbey.

The University of Victoria Museum, Liverpool, has also acquired a piece ‘Noir Rhythm’, which will be going out on display at the beginning of 2024.

Halima has also been part of the new sculpture trail in Wakefield this year where two of her public art pieces were acquired, ‘Gathering’ and ‘Fan Construction’.

In 2024 Halima has various private and public commissions as well as project work which she will be working towards. Some of the exhibitions planned for 2024 include a showing of her important installation work, ‘Virtues of Unity’ at Messums West Gallery in Wiltshire from 2 March – 20 May 2024, and a solo exhibition at the Lemon Street Gallery from 24 March – 5 May 2024.

Halima is hoping to be at the Shrewsbury Arts Trail again this summer too!  

Photography by @jonathankeenan