Hands, Head & Heart Part II
28 Jun 2021
by Cathy Block

Photographer James Warman is calling for Shrewsbury artists to help him with a new project to explore the creative impulse -  Hands, Head & Heart Part II will explore the effect of the pandemic on the creative community and on artists as individuals. James writes...

Ever wondered where artists get their inspiration from?

The creative process is something that has always intrigued me. As a photographer I can tell you my inspiration comes from a lifetime of experiences, continually observing the world around me, and from less obvious sources such as a piece of music or a line of poetry. All can be a starting point for my images.

A few years ago I came across a quote from Francis of Assisi which was my inspiration for a photographic project I called Hands, Head & Heart. I’ve paraphrased the quote here:

“Those who work with their hands are labourers. Those who work with their hands and head are craftsmen. But those who work with their hands, head and heart are artists"

The project involved a number of local artists (those who considered themselves as working with their hands, head and heart) and explored how they found inspiration. I photographed them in their studios and the final body of work was accompanied with text from the artists themselves, explaining where they found inspiration. They were asked to consider the people, places and their own experiences that they felt were important to them. The final body of work is a fascinating glimpse into the creative world as well as highlighting the wealth and diversity of the talent we have locally.

This photographic reportage can can viewed on a dedicated website for this project:

It was always my intention to revisit this project and I feel now is the time to do it. In the three years since I finished Hands, Head & Heart the world has changed unexpectedly and dramatically. This makes me wonder what effect a global pandemic, lockdown, and other major events both globally and locally has had on the creative community and on artists as individuals.

So I’m inviting anyone who considers themselves an artist to get in touch and be involved in Hands, Head & Heart Part II. It will involve me photographing you, your work, your processes, and your materials / tools.

A key element of the first project was the range of artists involved, something I want to keep this time around. So whilst I’ll happily include traditional art forms such as painting and drawing, I am keen to find the less obvious artistic mediums. Remember the definition of working with your Hands, Head & Heart - if you feel that’s you then get in touch!

To find out more or register your interest you can contact James via the above website or email him direct at