Harina Taco
12 Mar 2021
by Katy Rink

Jimmy Wallace and Hannah Harding say tacos sum up what they love most about eating – take three or four unrelated ingredients, fold them into a tortilla and all of a sudden it’s a meal!  

Hannah works for the shop Wyle Blue World and Jimmy is a musician and DJ so starting their own food business felt like a pipe dream until lockdown offered the free time they needed to give it a whirl.

They take inspiration from countries they have visited together. Their ambition is to raise the bar for takeaways in Shrewsbury by offering something above and beyond the usual standard, as Hannah says: “Takeaway food doesn’t have to be bland, stodgy, greasy, uninspiring food; it can be fresh, vibrant, distinct, packed full of flavour, food which tells a story”.

Harina Taco other menu

When you order Harina-style, you’ll get a sweet handwritten note, how-to guides for taco-assembly, corn seeds to plant and even party poppers!  

It’s pretty ‘exacting’ cooking for 50 or more customers every night but they’re delighted with the response and are even planning an online shop and collaboration tacos with a local chef.  


Open Thursday-Saturday available on the Zoom! 1 hr app