Jancis Vaughan - Printmaker Extraordinaire
02 Jul 2021
by Cathy Block

Jancis Vaughan is a printmaker and freelance artist based at Raven Studios in Shrewsbury, a fabulously productive enclave of artists and creatives on Smithfield Road. As a director of the studio, she is committed to making art and local artists more visible in our community. 

She is involved in a new project to make use of rejected prints, by making wonderful collages out of them. You'll be able to see them at the VAN (Visual Art Network) Gallery, middle level, Darwin Centre, from Weds July 7

Jancis is also active in arts education, running workshops and after school art clubs at local primary schools, as a Creative Practitioner for Meadow Arts, Ludlow, and as an Arts Award Adviser supporting the participation of young people in the arts. Her artwork is exhibited locally and regionally, most recently at Ty Pawb, Wrexham, and she is a member of the Wrexham Regional Print Centre.

Her work aims to express feelings and thoughts about her experience of life through observation and association. She is interested in the passage of time and the life cycle, the joy of colour and patterns in nature and humankind’s contribution to them and the power of the elements in the natural world.

Jancis is pleased to present her latest project to make use of leftover prints, as she explains: “This project was kick-started during lockdown by the Regional Print Centre in Wrexham, where I’m a member. Unable to go into the print room, it was suggested that we make collage postcards using spare or rejected prints. Originally, we exchanged print materials and made three collages using each other's print leftovers, one of which was exchanged again. Having started I couldn’t stop, and I expect I will return to this again when my spare print pile gets too big!”

Here are the images of the four reproduced collage postcards, the originals of which will be on show with the other 36 at the VAN (Visual Art Network) Gallery, middle level, Darwin Centre, from Weds July 7 until the end of the month. Originals are available from the VAN gallery for £15 each, reproductions for £1.60.

Collaged Postcards

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Instagram: @jancisvaughanart; @jancisvaughanphoto