Join the 'Psalm Roar' National Singalong at St George's
02 Apr 2023

St George's Church Shrewsbury is hosting a national singalong 'Psalm Roar' on Saturday, April 22nd, from 10am - 4pm.

All are invited to join a national psalm singalong at St George's Church this April in a bid to revive an ancient tradition. 

The day will see people come to Shrewsbury from all over the UK to sing different psalms in a variety of styles. Some will use familiar tunes so participants can sing without the need for practice and some will involve four-part harmony.

Rev Tim Vasby-Burnie, vicar of St George's, said: "The idea has been growing in my mind for a while. Many Christians are rediscovering the value of older traditions and psalm-singing used to be standard practice for every church. We are singing words inspired by God! Also, as anyone who has been part of a choir knows, singing together is great fun and very encouraging. The blending of voices and harmonies is beautiful. 

"Those who sign up will be given access to a page on our website where people can start learning the tunes. That said, people do not have to be experienced musicians. Everyone is invited!

"The aim is to have a fantastic day and to feel strengthened by lots of robust, heartfelt singing. As our website says: 'Do not imagine the gentle singing of a choir in a cathedral. Picture a rugby team about to go onto the pitch, or an army preparing for battle'.

"Further, we want to inspire many other churches to recover the tradition of psalm-singing, not as performances but as enthusiastic congregational singing that strengthens our hearts and turns our minds towards God.

"I am so pleased that we already have over 70 people coming from across the country, some as far as Suffolk and Cornwall, including a high proportion of families and young adults. If this event goes well then I hope to make it an annual event."

To cover costs participants are encouraged to make a voluntary donation on the day of £5 per person or £15 per family. Please bring a packed lunch (tea & coffee provided). There will be food available for those arriving the evening before from 6pm and a talk by Alastair Roberts about the theology of singing the psalms.

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