Join the Shrewsbury Treasure Hunt!
15 Mar 2021
by Katy Rink

My Shrewsbury editor Katy Rink took her family on the trail around town and gave it a big thumbs up. 

The wonderful Shrewsbury Treasure Hunt is getting more popular by the day and we can understand why.

It made us see our lovely town in a whole new light and appreciate little details and architectural flourishes that we walk past every day but never register.

It was such a great way to spend time in the open air amongst Shrewsbury’s very beautiful buildings and we even managed to separate two young teens from their screens for a couple of hours.

You have to unscramble an anagram to find out where to start and then you’re off on the scent, keeping your eyes peeled for the next clue. It is important to slow down, stare really hard at the built environment in town and enter a whole new level of consciousness - only then will you find what you are looking for! 

We saw lots of folks, young and old, running about with hunts in their hands - one chap had a clipboard. It made for some friendly banter in the streets too which was a real joy, having been cooped up for so long. 

What a great way to reintroduce visitors to our town and attract people back into the town centre. We came away with renewed respect for the wonderful mix of architectural styles we have in Shrewsbury, from the gorgeous timber-framed buildings and medieval shop fronts to Georgian and Victorian edifices with decorative plasterwork, royal coats of arms, monograms and motifs. Delightful clues to our town's past and retail history are right in front of our eyes. There are whimsical flourishes everywhere - stained glass, quirky inscriptions and mosaics - all communicating company pride and success. They don't build them like this any more. 

'I've never noticed that before' became something of a refrain. It was a pleasure to be so gently led back through the years and have the scales of modernity fall from our eyes. 

I liked the enormous date '1705' above School Gardens - we'd been looking for ages and were so surprised and amused to turn the corner and see the number so big and so apparent! 

The boys' favourite 'spot' was the turntable for turning cars around outside the library (not a spoiler!). It took us ages to work out what it was. We'd never have noticed it had we not been looking for clues.

Thank you so much Sarah Hopper from Ferndell B&B Shrewsbury who had the idea to do this.

You can pick up a treasure hunt from Ferndell B&B in Underdale Rd or from Abbey Foregate Post Office, The Allotment, Coleham or Planet Doughnut on Claremont Hill for £10 in cash.

If you would prefer the hunt posted to you, visit