Join Us in Taking 'Techtimeout': Go Screen Free this November
13 Nov 2023

It's Techtimeout Tuesday this November 28th - My Shrewsbury editor Katy Rink is backing this Shropshire awareness initiative by committing to a week of screen free lunch hours! Pictured: Stephanie Henson and Kate Oakley of Techtimeout. 

How will you be spending Techtimeout Tuesday? I've decided to get behind this great digital wellbeing initiative by Shropshire businesswoman Stephanie Henson by committing to spending at least an hour away from my desk throughout the week of November 27th. I'll be using the time to walk into town, to gather stories, take pictures and talk to businesses.

Not only will it be much better for me than working through lunch, as it will increase my step count and burn more calories, but I'm also curious to see if it will have a positive impact on My Shrewsbury social media. Sharing fresh pictures from town every day should hopefully increase our 'reach' (since the algorithms favour 'fresh' content). If you'd like me to come and take a picture of your business as you are prepping for Christmas, or have an idea for a great picture, or a story to tell - so long as it's in aid of promoting our fab town, I would be happy to come and see you. Drop me a line at

Screen-Free Fun on Techtimeout Tuesday

Stephanie Henson launched an awareness day in 2020 to promote having a healthier relationship with technology. ‘techtimeout tuesday’ takes place this year on November 28th, in partnership with Mental Health First Aid England. The techtimeout team are offering businesses free resources to encourage their employees to pledge some time away from screens to raise awareness of the impact of unintentional tech use on their mental health and productivity.

Over 600 companies have signed up so far, including councils, NHS Trusts, organisations and businesses. Mental Health First Aid England has announced its partnership with the awareness day to encourage improvements in our digital habits.

“’techtimeout tuesday’ works with businesses to inspire their employees to break the cycle of excessive screentime, to start creating healthier habits,” Stephanie said. “We picked this particular Tuesday as it follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday when many of us are spending even more time online. 

“We’re offering a simple way for business leaders to promote digital wellbeing. They just need to sign up on the website, share our resources with their teams, and encourage them to take some time away from tech on November 28th, whether that’s 10 minutes or all day. We hope Wayne will consider signing up his team!”

‘techtimeout tuesday’ is taking place on November 28th. Visit to sign up and receive a free pack.