Kingsland Airfix Competition 2021
12 Jun 2021
by Katy Rink

Hambrook House B&B in Shrewsbury hosted an Airfix competition to lift spirits in the neighbourhood during lockdown.

There were eleven entrants in the competition – some more serious than others!

Points were awarded for construction, moving parts, cockpit detailing, paint authenticity and identification markings.

There was a surprise appearance from a not-so-heavily-disguised Lt Col Nick David, of Shrewsbury School’s CCF, who was invited to judge the offerings.

Nick David judges the Kingsland Airfix competition

Lt Col Nick David assists Kevin Dowd of Hambrook House in the judging of the Kingsland Airfix Competition 

In a slightly disconcerting turn of events (more so for family members of competitors) the top three entrants were asked to demonstrate their planes in flight, with sound effects.

Kevin Dowd, of Hambrook House, said: “Hambrook House was delighted to host the prize giving ceremony for the Lockdown Airfix model plane competition. 

“The winner was Dan McGowan with his Super Marine Spitfire, with Jeremy Lees in second place with his Messerschmitt 109E. Prizes were awarded by Lt Col Nick David and great fun was had by all.”



Most of the entrants were dads, happy to revisit boyhood days of model aircraft building, with one exception; My Shrewsbury editor Katy Rink had failed to persuade any members of her household to build the plane, and was forced to tackle it herself.

Katy finished half the job, but not before sticking her fingers together, swearing at the plastic tabs and losing the pilot. Unfortunately for the plane, it was then caught up in the Jetstream of family life whereupon it was swept from the side and chewed repeatedly by a cocker spaniel.

With Judgement Day looming she staged a recovery mission – with no prospect now of completion,  certainly not to any kind of spec, she daubed the whole lot in lurid pink and Greenpeace rainbows and slapped on a few CND logos for good measure.

We believe it was once a Hawker Hurricane.

“Oh dear,” said Kevin Dowd, competition organiser.

“Bit lefty” added Lt Col Nick David commander in chief of the competition.

Questions were raised about the missing antennae.

“Where is it?” asked Lt. Col David.

There was only one answer.

“It’s in the dog.”

Airfix Fail! "Oh dear"

The winner of the Kingsland 2021 Airfix competition
A good entry to the Kingsland Airfix Competition 2021