Knitted Postbox Toppers for Climate Change Awareness
09 Nov 2021

Select Shrewsbury postboxes have undergone a knitted-makeover to raise awareness about endangered animals.

The Lovelyland Yarn Bomb Crew have got their knitting needles and crochet hooks out to create a number of woollen habitats, on show from November 1st - 14th, to coincide with the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. 

The yarn bomb group was set up 4 years ago to tackle loneliness and isolation in the Castlefields area, and now work as a local social enterprise group aiming to connect people and communities to nature. This year they are decorating post boxes around the town with endangered animals. Have you seen them around town yet?

Clare Bear, a spokesperson for Lovelyland, said: “It has been eye-opening to study the endangered animal list, and sad to learn that beautiful creatures such as the Asian Elephant and Red Squirrel are in danger of extinction if we don't take action.

“By decorating the post boxes around town we hope to raise awareness of the struggle these animals face, and we hope people will follow the issues discussed at the conference, whilst making changes to their own lives where they can help.”

If you are interested in helping the yarn bombers with this project then please get in touch with

The postbox-toppers in action
Blue one