MyShrewsReviews: The BMW 545e X-Drive M Sport
04 Nov 2022

Delight, incredulity, reassurance, excitement, luxury and an irresistible mood of ecstasy. That's what a car like the BMW 545e X-Drive M Sport can do for your habitual reserve, says My Shrewsbury's motoring expert Syd Taylor.

The BMW 545e X-Drive M Sport isn't just a car, it's a motoring banquet. It's the full spectrum cornucopia of hospitality on wheels.
  Let's just take a look at it for starters. You'll notice that it's a BMW. As with the venerable city of Venice you won't mistake it for anything else. But unlike Venice, experiencing it won't give you that sinking feeling. With the BMW there's no Blue Lagoon waiting to swallow you up: just a blue heaven of technological inventions.
 Here is an up-to-the-minute BMW featuring today's most progressive hybrid power systems and combining them into a luxuriously appointed sporting package of elegant sleekness and purposeful poise.
 A staggeringly impressive set of mpg figures (claimed 156.9 mpg if you use electric power as much as you can) show just what a progressive motor this is. Its venerable 286hp 3.0 litre turbo, in-line, six cylinder petrol engine, is mapped for ultra efficiency and turbocharged to provide all the poke you would expect from a BMW (up to a limited 155mph). Marry that with a torquey 109hp electric motor that can - should you wish - carry you comfortably across town in smooth whispering serenity without using even a drop of petrol nor emitting the least smidgen of nasty carbon. Throw in a silk-lined auto gearbox, plus the most sumptuously cosseting of luxury upholstery, and you might think that even the fabled magic carpet is looking threadbare.
  Bernard, my passenger, was keen to view a retirement flat on the coast. As a man on a fixed income he needed little persuasion to hitch a ride. 
  Early in the morning I picked him up from his suburban semi and introduced him to the new BMW 545e X-Drive M Sport. He was immediately impressed with its undeniable presence. 
  The ride through town was in 'stealth mode' as I deployed the electric propulsion option only. Nothing could be heard but the faint creak of yielding leather and the pulsing of one's own heartbeat as the BMW made light of the traffic. Then it was time for the open road.
  How to describe the experience? Aficionados will know that the M prefix indicates something special. Also that 'X Drive' denotes 4 wheel propulsion. This capability, coupled with the enormous power on tap, results in an ability to make the swiftest progress in the safest manner. Handling and general vehicle dynamics seem to represent an extension of one's thought, making it much more enjoyable to drive than rivals.
  Regardless of how much more there is to say about it, one thing is clear: the 545e X-Drive M Sport is not only the car for today. It is also a car for tomorrow. Every ecological concern is taken on board, analysed and addressed.
  My passenger compared the price of a seaside pad with the £63,285 price of this superior motor car. But after his experience, he was inclined to opt for years of refined motoring at the wheel of this BMW.
  "X-Drive seems to mark the spot for me" he declared. "After all, I can always stay in seaside hotels".