New directors are welcomed onto Shrewsbury BID board
19 Oct 2021
by Cathy Block

Four new directors from a variety of businesses and organisations have joined the board of Shrewsbury BID (Business Improvement District).

Shrewsbury BID works on behalf of more than 500 businesses to promote the town centre, helping to create an environment where businesses can thrive, overseen by a board of voluntary directors made up of representatives from a range of businesses and organisations in Shrewsbury.

Four new members have recently been elected to the board at Shrewsbury BID’s annual meeting - Catherine Armstrong from Shrewsbury Colleges Group; Darren Tomkins, owner of Gindifferent in Shrewsbury Market Hall; Mike Gries, the Subway franchisee for Shrewsbury; and Robin Nugent, of wine specialists, Iron and Rose and Glouglou wine bar.

Chairman of Shrewsbury BID, Mike Matthews of the Prince Rupert Hotel in Butcher Row, welcomed the new members of the board.

He said: “Shrewsbury BID has grown into an established organisation, representing the voice of hundreds of businesses in the town centre.

“Our work to promote and support the town centre is shaped and overseen by a voluntary representative board of directors made up of the members themselves.

“I would like to thank every member of the board for their commitment and vision, and it’s wonderful to be able to welcome four new directors to the board.

“Catherine Armstrong will represent education, health and the third sector on the board, and her vast experience of working in Further Education will be a real asset to the team.

“Mike Gries, who owns the franchise for the Subway sandwich shops in Shrewsbury, will be a representative for national retailers, helping to ensure that both national and independent retailers can thrive here in Shrewsbury.

“Robin Nugent started his wine specialist business, Iron and Rose, in Shrewsbury Market Hall in 2016 and since then has opened Glouglou wine bar in Castle Gates and more recently the Petitglou wine bar in the market hall - his experience and knowledge will be invaluable as he represents bars and pubs on the board.

“Darren Tomkins is best known for creating the Gindifferent gin bar in Shrewsbury Market Hall, and will represent hospitality, events and leisure businesses on the board.

“Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, he is extremely knowledgeable about the sector.

“Catherine, Mike, Robin and Darren bring an outstanding array of experience as directors and I warmly welcome them to the BID board.”

Catherine Armstrong, of Shrewsbury Colleges Group, said: “As Vice Principal for Curriculum Support and Business Development at Shrewsbury Colleges Group, I work across the three college campuses at Welsh Bridge, English Bridge and London Road.

“I am really keen to link students with local businesses to provide opportunities for young people to explore careers and develop a range of skills ready for their next steps. Young people have so much to offer companies and organisations as they have great ideas and enthusiasm to influence business development.

“I am passionate about the opportunities that education provides to people, whatever their age, and I look forward to working with members of the BID group to support the town.”

Mike Gries, the Subway franchisee for Shropshire, said: “Shrewsbury needs both national and independent retailers to thrive. “As part of Shrewsbury BID, I will be focusing on supporting and enhancing the town centre through actions, not words - attracting visitors to Shrewsbury and keeping them here.”

Robin Nugent, of Iron and Rose and Glouglou, said: “Shrewsbury is already a great town in which to live and work but is at a point in its history where there is an opportunity for it to grow and develop in sustainable and very exciting ways. I am very keen to be part of that.”

Darren Tomkins, of Gindifferent, said: “Since moving to Shrewsbury six years ago and launching brands such as Gindifferent, I have collaborated with multiple businesses and charities in various capacities to create interesting experiences in the heart of Shrewsbury.

“I am really pleased to have joined the Shrewsbury BID board so I can continue working with fellow businesses to make the town as vibrant and appealing as possible.”