New Gin Named After Shrewsbury
06 Sep 2023

Darren Tomkins of Gindifferent has a brand new gin named after our town

Move over Shrewsbury biscuits, we have a new product named after the town. Shrewsbury Gin has been developed by the town’s artisan gin parlour Gindifferent, found in the Market Hall. The gin has been produced in partnership with independent distillery Henstone Distillery, based near Oswestry.

The new gin has been curated and distilled locally and infused with Shropshire ingredients, including Shropshire honey.

Shrewsbury Gin launched this summer, with nearly 750 bottles sold so far. The producers are planning an Autumn/Winter inspired gin evolution with another 1,000 bottles set to be produced.

The gin is the brainchild of Gindifferent proprietor Darren Tomkins who has held an ambition for many years to launch a special gin that would honour the name of the Shropshire county town.

He launched Gindifferent in the Shrewsbury Market Hall six years ago, following a 20-year career in hospitality, working with major brands and venues in the UK and around the world.

“It was always part of the plan to one day launch a gin of our own, once Gindifferent got going. A town like Shrewsbury needs its own gin – something that signifies a place of opportunity, innovation and independence,” said Darren.

“We spent a lot of time sampling and experimenting and we’ve landed on something that I think is really exceptional.

“It’s all about balance when it comes to creating a gin. There’s a lot of complex botanicals in there, so you have got to get the balance right. How it tastes can depend on the season they’re picked, the quality of alcohol and the alcohol content.

“Shrewsbury Gin is a classic dry gin, juniper forward and citrus on the nose and palate. There’s orange and lemon in there which really helps to smooth out the alcohol content. We’ve also got hints of bergamot which accentuates the herbaceous notes of the gin.

“Once made it is macerated with black and pink peppercorns to smooth out the edges of the alcohol and add a bit of spice and sweetness. And then we add some Shropshire honey right at the end of the process, which gives a golden tinge and a uniqueness of taste. 

“Each batch is truly unique because it depends on what the bees have been feeding on. In spring it tends to be the lavenders and the early blossom. In late spring and early summer there are the tree blossoms, and then, later on, you’ll get wild flowers and what’s flowering in gardens, like roses.

“We infuse the gin with Hedgerow Honey which has hives all over the county, including Shrewsbury.”

Gindifferent worked with Market Hall neighbour Romy Design to create a Shrewsbury and Shropshire themed label for the bottle. 

As well as operating a full-time bar and shop in the Market Hall, Gindifferent also features pop-up bars outside the market, on Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting, and at major public events across the region, from food and drink festivals to music festivals.

Gindfferent will be at Shropshire Oktoberfest in the Quarry, on October 6th and 7th.