Opening Up!
12 Mar 2021
by Katy Rink

We’re all looking forward to a bumper summer and Shrewsbury BID will make sure the town comes back online with a great explosion of colour and activity!

The Shrewsbury’s Open campaign will return with the lift of lockdown, seeing colourful flags and bunting strung across our streets, inspired by The Great Big Art Exhibition.

Shrewsbury is running its own competition to tie in with the national public art show.

You can soon submit your colourful drawings on an animal theme and the best entries will be made into flags which will fly high above the streets of Shrewsbury this summer!

The injection of colour will recreate the friendly vibe we all enjoyed when lockdown eased last summer and there will be a return of on-street dining and funky outdoor café culture t00!

Summer town centre activities will likely include live music, children and family activities, town trails and sporting events.

Themed weeks or weekends will see businesses helping to promote what’s on offer here in Shrewsbury – whether that’s ‘Cycle week’ or ‘Dog friendly week’, ‘Children’s week’ or ‘Eco week’.

And to mark this very strange year, there’s an idea for a video to show how the town has come through lockdown.

A Shrewsbury staycation campaign, run by Shrewsbury BID, aims to make our town the epicentre of Shropshire breaks – with so many holiday makers looking to book in the UK this year, an influx of visitors from elsewhere in the UK could play a key role in helping our town to recover.

Seb Slater, Executive Director Shrewsbury BID, said: “I am sure we are not alone in looking forward to seeing the town get back to its usual bustling and vibrant self this summer.

“Behind the scenes, there are a great many people and organisations working together to ensure that when we are all allowed to get back to normal, Shrewsbury will have huge amounts to offer to locals and visitors alike!”

Let Out Your Inner Animal

Take part in Shrewsbury’s The Great Big Art Exhibition inspired by visual arts organisation which is inviting the British public to take part in a countrywide show of creativity, ending on April 30.

Sir Antony Gormley suggested animals as the theme for the first two weeks of the exhibition – so get working on those entries!

The best 70 entries will be made into flags to hang above the streets of Shrewsbury this summer. Keep an eye on this page or @originalshrewsbury for entry details.