Ray Mears Set to bring new show to Shrewsbury
14 Feb 2022

Bushcraft expert Ray Mears has chosen to start his UK-wide tour right here at Shrewsbury's Theatre Severn on February 22, 2022 

Adventurer Ray Mears will be sharing stories from his latest book We Are Nature: How to Reconnect with the Wild to share with a Shrewsbury audience. He'll explore the idea of returning to nature by reconnecting with your local area, while learning to rely on our senses, rather than gadgets and technology. 

Thought of by many as ‘the father of British bushcraft’, the 57-year-old adventurer is set to embark on a  40-date nationwide theatre tour 'We are Nature - An Invitation to Reconnect with the Natural World', starting at Theatre Severn on February 22. 

Ray will teach us how to get the most out of our surroundings by developing and more fully using our extraordinary natural senses of sight, sound, smell, and taste. We can expect some lively demonstrations and audience participation, and we'll pick up skills that Ray usually only shares with students on his Woodlore courses.

He'll help us strip away the blinkers of modern life to help us experience the richness of the natural world and learn to see with our ears and hear with our eyes. It promises to be a fascinating, inspirational, and educational show.

With input from Rural Wildlife Crime specialists, Ray will highlight ways that we can all use these extraordinary skills to help protect wildlife too. Increased sensory awareness can do more than just improve our connection to the natural world, Ray says, it can also raise our situational awareness and help to keep us safe.  

He adds: “Recently we have learned to value our green spaces more than ever.  We need the wilderness as much as the wilderness needs us, it is time to cease being frustrated at wanton crimes against nature and to act to prevent them.  Enhanced powers of observation can make a huge difference, protecting the lives of wild creatures that are unable to speak for themselves."

Ray will also discuss the methods and equipment he uses when tracking rare wildlife for television and look at advances in night vision technology, and possible future benefits - asking, is it truly possible to see in the dark?

Over the years, Ray has become a bestselling author, photographer, programme maker, broadcaster, and founder of Woodlore, Britain’s oldest established school of Wilderness bushcraft and tracking. Recognised throughout the world as a leading authority on bushcraft and survival, Ray has spent his life travelling the world, communing with nature, observing animal behaviour, and researching primitive life skills.  

He has presented and featured in countless TV programmes and series – in 2005 he survived a helicopter crash while filming in the mountains of Wyoming and, in 2010, assisted the Northumbria police, tracking a murderer during Britain’s largest manhunt. His television series include Wild China,  Australian Wilderness with Ray Mears, Tracks, World of Survival, and Money Can’t Buy with Ewan McGregor, and The Real Heroes of Telemark, all of which have inspired generations from children to their grandparents. 

'We are Nature - An Invitation to Reconnect with the Natural World' is a show that should appeal to all all-age groups. 

Tickets are on sale now from Theatre Severn Box Office