Shrewsbury Arts Trail Announces New Theme of 'TIME'
12 Feb 2024

Submissions are now open for the 2024 Shrewsbury Arts Trail with a new theme of 'Time' - details of headline artists and major exhibitions to follow! Pictured: Salvador Dali's 'Homage To Terpsichore' at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery in 2023

Submissions have now opened for the 2024 Shrewsbury Arts trail on a new theme of 'Time'.

The Arts trail has grown year on year, attracting national and international publicity to our town last summer, when it saw sculptures by Salvador Dali and Jacob Chandler exhibited in the open air at the castle, in the museum courtyard and in The Dingle pond. 

Details of this year's headline artists will follow soon, however organisers want to make sure that as many local established and emerging artists get the opportunity to exhibit during this year's Arts Trail as possible, with a deadline for submissions of May 17th, 2024. 

Successful candidates will be exhibited at venues including Shrewsbury Museum & Arts Gallery The Parade Shops Shrewsbury and Shrewsbury Market Hall throughout July and August. 

Jacob Chandler's Poise and Tension III

Jacob Chandler's sculpture 'Poise and Tension III' in The Dingle pond for Shrewsbury Arts Trail 2023

The 2024 Shrewsbury Arts Trail will once again include the 'Inspirational Exhibition' at SM&AG; last year's exhibition included works by Picasso, Hockney, Banksy, Dali, JPR Stitch, Kris Lamba, Jacob Chandler, Halima Cassell, Lowry, Hirst, Matisse, Miro and more. 

Shrewsbury Arts Trail founder Jess Richards said: "Come join a community of established and emerging artists, making new connections and gaining exposure, with your work being seen by tens of thousands of people.

"We are not just looking for you to paint a moment from history, we want to see how you can capture the invisible, the intangible, the impossible. Will you like Monet try to paint the essence of a moment in time? Will you follow the surrealists, such as Dali, who looked to allow their unconscious mind to lead their artistic expression? 

"Will you choose to work in unconventional materials such as light, mirrors and space like Yayoi Kusama has done with her Infinity Mirror Rooms? How do you capture the unobtainable, the invisible, the intangible, the impossible – how do you visualise time, history or even emotions and spirituality?

"We want to see it all! We want to see art that ‘talks’ to a deeper part of us, that touches our essence, our soul."

Submit to Shrewsbury Arts Trail

Regional artists of all ages, working in any medium, are invited to apply with a deadline of May 17th, 2024. There is a charge for submissions: £6 for one/£10 for two or £13 for three works. Find the submissions form on the Shrewsbury Arts Trail website