Shrewsbury Film Photography Club - Abbey Exhibition
02 Mar 2023

Shrewsbury Film Photography Club is planning its second annual exhibition in Shrewsbury Abbey this coming September - the group enjoys regular field trips, including a recent trip to Liverpool where photographer James Warman captured these images. 

Shrewsbury’s only photography group dedicated solely to analogue film (Shrewsbury Film Photography Club) is holding its second annual exhibition in September this year in the historic Shrewsbury Abbey.

The club was formed in 2020 in response to a resurgence in analogue film as a medium for stills photography. The club welcomes members who use a range of formats from the familiar 35mm film through to medium and large format, as well as alternative analogue processes such as tintype, glass plate collodion and cyanotype.

The exhibition will be culmination of the club member’s work from the preceding 12 months and, if last year’s exhibition is anything to go by, it will prove to be an incredible showcase for some very talented local photographers.

logo for the film club

The club’s aim is to keep alive the skills and techniques of this fascinating process, to introduce analogue photography to a new audience, and to celebrate the beauty and art that this medium offers.

The event will run for the whole of September 2023 in Shrewsbury Abbey and is free to attend, although visitors are encouraged to make a donation to the Abbey’s funds if they are able to. 

If you want to know more about this exhibition, or the Shrewsbury Film Photography Club find them on Facebook or contact the exhibition organiser

street photography by James Warman showing a man in a hat
street photography by James Warman showing an abandoned scooter in Liverpool