Shrewsbury Photographers on Show at the Abbey
31 Aug 2023

Shrewsbury Film Photography Club is holding its annual exhibition at Shrewsbury Abbey during September 2023 showcasing members' work from the past year. Words by James Warman. 

Shrewsbury Film Photography Club was started in 2020 in response to the need of local film photographers to share their love of analogue photography with like-minded people.

This exhibition showcases the work of some of our members over the 12 months. All images you see were taken on film and many were processed, by hand in makeshift darkrooms by our club members themselves.

The process of taking and developing these prints forces the photographer to slow down and carefully think about the images they are making. For many in this club, it’s this tactile and almost meditative process that is the real appeal of analogue photography.

Shrewsbury Film Photography Club wish to thank The Abbey Church for allowing us to use their historic building for this exhibition and we encourage visitors, if they are able, to make a donation towards the upkeep of this magnificent scheduled ancient monument.

If you want know more about our club, please contact us through our Facebook page - Shrewsbury Film Photography Club

Shrewbsury Abbey Office Door
Man in a bowler hat smiling