Shrewsbury's Mr Undateable Finds Love
11 Feb 2022

Shrewsbury’s Mr Undateable Finds Love & Launches a Charity Love Song


Jason Evans who became famous for his appearances on the Channel 4 reality TV Show The Undateables – thanks to his cute looks, burgundy t-shirts and love of planes – has finally found love.

And this Valentine’s Day, the 30-year-old school cleaner from Shrewsbury wants to shout it from the rooftops – with a special love song dedicated to his girlfriend Kerrie Jones, in aid of charity.

Jay who has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, a form of autism, appeared on the show three times in 2017-2018, supported by his twin brother Jamie. He quickly became a viewers’ favourite, owing to his passion for everything purple – and for aeroplanes: “At the time I wanted to find love quickly and my friend suggested going on it so I applied and I was very lucky to be on it. It’s not like other ‘fake’ reality shows, it’s 100% real and I love it. I don’t know why they chose me, but I’m so happy they did.

“It was a life-changing experience and although my disabilities are still there – it helped my alter ego ‘Mr Burgundy’ as well!”

Jay Evans on ITV's This Morning Show in 2017

Jay and Jamie also appeared on ITV’s This Morning in September 2017, to talk about their dating experiences. Jay did not manage to find love on The Undateables, but, in December 2019, friends recommended he meet Kerrie Jones, 39, who also works as a cleaner – and the pair instantly hit it off. 

“We dated and we were properly in a relationship on February 14th 2020, just before the lockdown – but then we couldn’t see each other for about four months.” 

They soon made up for lost time, however – Kerrie shares Jay’s love of planes and they like to watch them arriving and departing: “That’s what Mr Burgundy’s job is,” Jay jokes, “He goes to airports and sight-sees aircrafts (by the way, he is me) and Kerries loves to come with me and she also likes war planes.” 

The couple also like going out on trips, having takeaways, and share a love of Disney and football. Like Jay, Kerrie has her struggles, owing to her dyspraxia – a loss of ability to perform coordinated movements – and stammer. 

Jay came up with the idea of a love song for Valentine’s Day to celebrate meeting Kerrie – and their two year anniversary on February 14, 2022 – and also to support his two favourite charities, The National Autistic Society and the humanitarian response charity Choose Love. 

“We want to spread love and help as much as we can for people like me who are physically and mentally disabled to keep their spirits strong and for better futures, and to help spread love and help for those who are suffering poor lives in Africa,” Jay added. 

Kerrie, who knows about the song but hasn’t heard it yet, said: "I feel very blessed to have a song written about me. A partner has never done this before, what a lovely gesture I'm so very lucky and I feel really special."

Jay in Shrewsbury filming for The Undateables

Pictured above: Jay in Shrewsbury, whilst filming for The Undateables. Credit -

We’ll reveal all on our social media @MyShrews on Valentine’s Day, if Jay lets us share it! Jay is planning an official release of the song on Valentine’s Day 2022, on  iTunes (99p), Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube. 

He came up with the idea during a cleaning shift in 2021: “I started creating a rhythm in my mind and thought of the tempo, lyrics and how it’s going to sound like,” he said. He used a Garage Band app on his phone and recorded a demo. His friend Dee agreed to sing the vocals and they finally finished it this month. 

Jay's lyrics are super sweet: “Then on that day you turned up…straight away you look beautiful and bright to glow”.

And of course the song wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Jason’s favourite hobby: “I’m feeling ready for care of attentions…when we are home from airports and train stations”!

  •  Watch Jay’s episodes again on Channel 4 On Demand, or Netflix - (The Undateables Series 7 Episode 1, Series 8 Episode 4 and Series 9 Episode 4).
  •  Please support Jay by donating via his Facebook event page - HERE
  •  You will be able to donate to his chosen charities on the PayPal link from February 14 at 00.00 through to February 24 at 11.55pm.
 Jay and Kerrie in Shrewsbury