Successful Swiss Student Programme Coming to Shrewsbury
12 May 2023
Advertising Feature

Shrewsbury Colleges Group introduce a new student programme, inviting a group of 16/17 year old Swiss students to study with them during the next academic year.

From September Shrewsbury Colleges Group will be accepting a group of 16/17 year old French speaking Swiss students to study with them for one academic year. The programme has run in other top-class colleges over the last eight years. The students are always intelligent and motivated to get involved, so will bring a fabulous new dimension to Shrewsbury Colleges Group as well as opening local student’s eyes to new opportunities.

A house

Do you have a spare bedroom? You could be a local host family for the new Shrewsbury Colleges student programme

For the programme to be a success, thirteen caring local host families with access to the town centre campuses and a spare bedroom available from September until late June are required.

What you need to provide:

- A caring and supportive environment for the forthcoming academic year – all types of families are considered, with and without children, single host parents, and young at heart grandparents. We always match students to the most appropriate family.

- A bedroom for the student and a study area away from distractions (if not in the bedroom).

- All meals except lunches on college days.

Why host a Swiss student?

- Enjoy being involved in this project with Shrewsbury Colleges Group.

- Build new friendships with your student and their parents in Switzerland which can last a lifetime, starting when we introduce everybody in June.

- The students are French speaking and will study German A level which may be of interest to those practising languages.

- Students return home for the Christmas and Easter breaks, plus we can cover other short family breaks giving you flexibility during the year.

- You receive, a generous remuneration and, support throughout the year to ensure you have a positive experience.

Here is one host family’s experience at another college: “Luna has enriched our family life and is a pleasure to have around. She has become a true friend and we enjoy sharing activities through fresh eyes.” says Susan Holloway.

If interested, for more information please contact Ric Carby on 07748 113782 or email who manages the host families and students outside of college or visit