Talented artist Cherie Jerrard talks about her work and inspiration
09 Nov 2021

As part of his Hands, Head & Heart project, photographer James Warman talks to the very talented Cherie Jerrard about her work  ahead of the DRAWN 2 art fair which Cherie organises - set to take place this November 27 & 28 at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery.

Tell me a little about yourself and your art?

It's very diverse. I have a range of 'Cherie did this' branded products. I enjoy street art, I am a people sketcher... Art takes on so many forms ...I was a fashion illustrator for many years and I've starting doing it again via zoom. Very hard to pin me down to one thing, I often rebel against myself and find something new!

How did you first get into your chosen art?

I studied fashion then worked in the industry for a long time before retraining in illustration at Manchester School of Art.

Where do you feel the inspiration to create your art comes from?

Responding to things I see. City visits and travel, I've been keeping it local during these strange times. I'm a people person and I get inspiration from drawing and chatting with folk. I am good at picking up on new vibes/trends.

The last year has been especially challenging for so many of us. How have you managed, both personally and creatively?

I was able to reconnect with friends I met when I lived in London, we did a weekly art club and online drawing sessions. This helped me feel less isolated. When restrictions eased I brought together a group of talented local people for an illustrators fair .... DRAWN. Community is very important when your main body of work is done alone. I have also begun working a day or two at Write Here (Stationery & art supplies) to help keep me connected.

Has the pandemic or lockdown had any influence on your work, either positively or negatively?

It has helped me lift awareness of the talent right here on our doorstep. I believe it has also brought more energy to Shrewsbury which has given me something good to respond to. People have moved back home or away from larger towns giving Shrewsbury more diversity. This is the most forward-thinking I've ever found Shrewsbury to be. It's exciting!

What plans do you have for your art going forward?

So much going on in my head as ever. I'm currently processing plans for the next DRAWN (the last weekend in November), some collaborations where companies like to work with artists to heighten the exposure of their products. More mural/street art. Development of my range for Christmas and Not on the High Street. Preparations so that when peak season hits I can have time to fulfill orders and help customers.

What practical advice would you give someone wanting to to take up your form of art professionally?

You need to be resilient. It's not enough to have talent, in fact, that isn't the most important thing... you have to be brave enough to keep putting yourself out there.

Where can people see your art?

Cherie did this Website - best to subscribe for monthly updates for blog (very sporadic) Find my shop at the Not on the High Street website Locally see my Coffee House illustration on the wall at The Shrewsbury Coffee House Products to buy The Colonels Son Coffee or Write Here Find me @cheriedidthis on social media.

Thanks Chérie

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