The Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival
24 Aug 2021
by Cathy Block

The Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival is going ahead this year with two exhibitions at the Bear Steps Gallery, Shrewsbury from 5th to 18th September. 

The theme is ‘The High Street’ as the organisers felt it’s time to show support to the many shops and eateries that have suffered so badly over the last 18 months. The show will include many favourite cartoonists from publications including the Spectator and Private Eye.

They are also pleased to also announce the return of international cartoons; in the upstairs gallery ‘Over the hills and Pharoh Way’ showcases over 25 cartoons from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, UAE and Saudi Arabian cartoonists.

The result of the two exhibitions is a plethora of original cartoons showing different styles and humour gathered together in one place for your delight and amusement. All are for sale as originals or prints.

Started in 2004 by Shropshire based cartoonist Roger Penwill, the event is now a Shropshire treasure attracting locals plus visitors, artists and collectors of cartoons from further afield. 

It was hoped that more of the Festival could have been brought to the town but once again, the circumstances just are not quite normal yet. Hopefully, everyone will enjoy what has been possible either in person at the gallery or via the YouTube link on the Festival website.

The picture for sale is of two nuns after shopping

Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival has support from Shropshire Council as well as invaluable sponsorship from the Professional Cartoonists Organisation. Ralph Steadman has also donated a hand-signed print (with a smiley face) to be auctioned. 

More information about the Festival exhibition and future events at

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Left: A copy of the print by Ralph Steadman that is to be auctioned at the festival