Town Centre Rangers in Shrewsbury
11 Apr 2022

Town centre rangers will soon be in and around Shrewsbury, helping to maintain a safe and tidy environment for residents, businesses and visitors. 
A tendering process has begun with security companies and other interested parties invited to put themselves forward to win the contract. The deadline for applications is the end of April. 
Shrewsbury Town Council, Shrewsbury BID, and Shropshire Council have joined forces to launch the Town Centre Rangers scheme which will operate seven days a week - with the focus largely on late afternoons and early evenings, as well as later into the evening during busy periods 
The role of the rangers will include patrolling the town centre and the Quarry, engaging with visitors, businesses and residents, promoting safety initiatives and being proactive in reporting anti-social behaviour, littering, fly-tipping, graffiti and drug use. 
It follows similar successful schemes in other areas of the country - with each one reporting that it had enhanced and supported the operational efficiency of town centre stakeholders and increased confidence of residents and visitors. 
Stephanie Mansell-Jones, of Shrewsbury BID, said anyone interested in tendering for the contract had until Friday, April 29, to make their application and the contract would be awarded on May 6. 
He said: “While crime levels are generally low, there is a cumulative impact of low-level anti-social behaviour that causes some concern and, while we don’t anticipate these levels significantly rising, there are always going to be instances of unacceptable levels of behaviour. 
“Shrewsbury already has a good safety record and the thinking behind the Town Centre Rangers scheme is to help maintain that record as one of the safest places to live, work and visit.” 
Helen Ball, clerk to Shrewsbury Town Council, said: “The rangers will provide a high-visibility presence and work with all partners including the police, Shrewsbury Watch, the town council and Shropshire Council to act as a deterrent to anti-social behaviour, graffiti, littering and drug use. 
“They will patrol the town centre and act as our eyes and ears - logging and reporting incidents and identifying hot-spots. They will also provide a welcoming face to visitors, dealing with any requests for information, be a reassuring presence for businesses and residents and promote our safety initiatives.” 
Andy Wilde, of Shropshire Council, added: “Preferred candidates will already have, or be able to build, a working relationship with town centre businesses, partners and residents, and will need to meet a number of criteria to ensure we have the right people working towards the success of the scheme. 
“We are looking forward to receiving bid applications and getting this scheme under way.” 
For more information and to submit a tender, visit the Shrewsbury Town Council website or email