Welcoming Shrewsbury Pride
15 Aug 2023

A new festival from the LGBTQ+ community comes to Shrewsbury this September 30th - October 1st. We asked the organisers of Shrewsbury Pride Festival how plans were shaping up.

People may not be aware, but there is a wonderfully vibrant, varied and sizeable LGBTQ+ community in Shrewsbury and it seemed strange that as Shropshire’s county town, it had yet to have its own Pride event and so we set ourselves to doing something about that. 

The key part of any Pride celebration is the parade and we decided to base things around this. The Market Square gave us a great starting point for the parade and a gift of a route in nearby Pride Hill - we HAD to incorporate that.

With the parade in place, we looked towards want else we could do. We wanted to celebrate our community and provide an opportunity for people to celebrate with us. What better way to do this than through performance? We had a few contacts that we asked to be involved and they readily agreed. Things were starting to take shape nicely. Then, at the beginning of July with the basics of an event in place, we tentatively made our plans public. 

Shrewsbury Pride organisers in The Square

What we weren’t prepared for was the amazing level and range of interest and support we’d receive. Singer songwriters, storytellers, drag performers, photographers, drummers, local artists all started coming forward and wanted to be involved. Considering this is the first festival of its kind in Shrewsbury, it’s clear it wasn’t just us thinking it was about time the town celebrated Pride!

We began to wonder whether we could expand the event beyond the square and so spoke to other venues asking if they would be happy to help and we’ve been delighted to see the event grow into a full blown, town-wide festival. From the Square, to the library, to the museum; coffee shops, churches and studios. Rainbow Story times, craft activities, exhibitions, live bands, drag performances; wherever you find yourself on the rainbow, friend or ally, however old you may be, there really is something for everyone. 

With support and encouragement pouring in, the festival continues to grow, but we know there will come a point when we have to start putting plans in place for next year- this certainly won’t be the last Shrewsbury Pride Festival. 

Pride logo