by Katy Rink
Shrewsbury schoolboy Joe Whale, now world-renowned global artist, is launching his first ever UK exhibition this Autumn - right here in his hometown!
by Simon Cousins
Musician Mike Penny has discovered new freedoms after joining the inclusive cycling group Cycling 4 All in Shropshire and is striking out with his new eTrike
by Cathy Block
Kelda Wood MBE made history when she rowed the Atlantic, solo, 2 years ago. Now, she's set herself a new challenge - completing her third triathlon.
by Katy Rink
You don't have to venture far from Shrewsbury for beautiful walks - here is a great Shrewsbury dog walk for a mini weekend adventure with a four-legged friend
by Katy Rink
There were stunning sights to behold at the Battle of Shrewsbury Medieval Weekend as 250 re-enactors relived the battle between the King and the rebels.